lundi 29 septembre 2014

La Minute Mozzarella (Mozart-est-là) - Episode VII

Don Giovanni comme on l’entend rarement… (Dieu merci !)

Frank Sinatra et Kathryn Grayson interprètent « Là ci darem la mano » dans It Happened In Brooklyn (Tout le monde chante) (1947).

Frances Marshall, cantatrice du Chicago Civic Light Opera, repéra Kathryn Grayson à 11 ans et lui donna des leçons de chant. Grayson fit carrière à Hollywood avant de se produire dans diverses comédies musicales ainsi qu’à l’opéra (dans les années 60).

2 commentaires:

  1. While I have never been one to call myself a fan of Kathryn Grason's voice, this is one of my all time favorite film clips with she and Sinatra. Second only to the grand and, ever delightful, Lauritz Malchior singing Please Don't Say No, Say Maybe. One of MGM's finest musical moments!

  2. Well, as musicals go, that's great singing... as opera goes, well... that's not so fine! And especially for Mozart's. These two great actors-singers are obviously out of their depth.
    And yes, Melchior was truly fantastic whatever he sang.